Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Tribute to Skadi

It's Wednesday, and that means it's SKADI DAY! Huzzah!

My new favourite webcomic, so I do belive fanart is in order

I love the shape of her body - skinny arms and torso and chunky marathon-runner legs! But I suppose there must be a lot of running in the barbarian business

I might work up the guts to do one in colour and post it on the fanart part of the forum - these are way too scribbly.

Skadi was created by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican. And I love them for it.

Go see!!!

ALL the comics there are awesome!


Katie said...

Wow these are so cool!! I'm flattered! I think those top drawings especially are great. I want to go do some drawings of Skadi where she's cuter and less scary looking now! :D

Lynsey said...

That's odd, I was actually thinking of doing the exact opposite! Heh, I'm always drawing girls as cuties, even when they're barbarian-princess-who-could-totally-kick my-ass-types.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by to look at them! I really appreciate it ^_^

(Might as well add in a fit of fangirly ass-kissery that you are a huuuuge inspiration to me!!!)