Sunday, 6 July 2008

Check the new do

Got a new haircut yesterday - it's pretty short!

I was kinda scared to show my dad, as he thinks long hair is better, but he said it was lovely. Now he's just referring to me as "Baldy". Fathers.....

Apologies for poor quality of pictures (webcam), but it doesn't really matter as I look terrible in pictures anyway! These two aren't too bad.


Mitch K said...

Your hair is so nice!!

We have the same head of hair! Err... mine's a little thinner, these days. haha But it's nearly identical!

Hey wait, you're a Scot?

Your artwork is pretty rad too! :D

Lynsey said...

You're so nice to say!! ^_^ Haha,dark curly hair is truly the best

And yes... I mean aye, I'm Scottish, born and bred.