Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Advent 13

Kat suggested I draw her and myself in these things called Kigurumi outfits. I chose for myself a Red Panda, and for Kat... well, a cat.

Advent 12

Who thinks I can catch up before Christmas? Shoddy photoshop skills, don't fail me now...

The heating has broken at home, so this was me this morning, two layers of pjs, semi-straight hair and a grumpy disposition.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Douglas Hamilton Schaschke (1930 - 2009)

A year ago today my Grampa Schaschke passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was an incredibly talented man and a huge inspiration to me.

Thinking of you, Grampa.

A microscopic fraction of his work

Sepia doodle

Doodled on a scrap of paper with leftover ink from Tom and Rachel's card... don't think I can angle this as an advent drawing TT_TT

Advent 10 and 11

Kat and Susan atop giant Dictator Cat and his Camp Cousin

Suzanne and Ameena... with really long's just something they do, hehe ^_^;;

I'm so behind D= And I don't think the scanner works here at home (scanned these before leaving Dundee)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Advent 9

Christmas card for Tom and Rachel =) And the sketch for it

I'm counting this as an advent drawing, for I am a lazy bum and really behind D=

Blob drawings!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Advent 8

Rachel as Sailor Moon!

Advent 7

Argh, rubbishy doodle of me as Chun Li
Another one of these tonight and I'm up to date ^_^

Advent 6

Suzanne as Yoshi - skinned him herself  =D

Must practice photoshop colouring -_-

Advent 4 and 5

I'm a terrible person who forgets to scan things -_-

Susan as Betty Boop ^_^

Mark H as Manny Calavera, by request (challenging... might redo this one)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Advent Drawing Day 3

Tom P as Professor Oak ^_^

Toying with the idea of expanding to regular cartoon characters aswell/instead... thoughts?

If you have any suggestion of any characters/people I should do in the future, speak up! Seriously, even if it's "could you draw me as..." =D

Advent drawing 2

 Kat as the Professor's assistant (Layton, that is)

And some doodles of Astrid from How to train Your Dragon and other..things

Advent 1


Thought that Mark's idea of a drawing for each day up to Christmas was a darned good 'un, and Tom's idea of a videogame theme was cool enough to risk being doubly copycat-ish.
So I present to you Tom as Link.


I like drawing him with dot eyes >_>

Friday, 19 November 2010

This week's life drawing

 5 minutes each
 20 minutes
 5 each
 5 and 20
 10 minutes each

Been dabbling with a thick brush pen and markers in a few of these. Saw someone working with very thin willow charcoal today - looked like fun, might give it a try.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Folk what are in the skud

Here they are. All my life drawing from this semester so far. Some days were good, some days were bad, and some days, in retrospect, just seemed bad at the time. Going to put some effort into expanding my mediums. Must improve!

Also, these are in chronological order, top to bottom.