Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Shopper and a Cowgirl

Birthday presents for my sister and her friend.

I rarely do many "finished" pieces, mostly doodles and sketches. I always get frustrated if what started out as a nice pencil sketch gets mucked up when I try to ink it or add colour. For instance, I don't think Jessie looked so stiff in my warm-up drawing of her. I'm sure that just mean I have to focus on practising inking and colour more. Lazy Lynsey.

Have been to see toy Story 3 three times now -2D every time. The price is enough to put me off, but apart from "How to Train Your Dragon" (a film I loved and can't wait to get it on dvd), I haven't seen much point in seeing a film in 3D =\

Tempted to mess around a bit more with watercolours =)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Some drawings from this Summer

"Avatar: The Last Airbender" - cool show. I'm afraid to watch the film.
Some warm-up sketches for sister's birthday card. Plus dog.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

More old stuff

Some Gunnerkrigg Court fanart from early summer 2009 (I think). (Surprising) still quite happy with it and the image below.
Next drawings were done between October and December 09

A character I thought up, called Fuzil (Foo-zil). His name doesn't have any meaning other than sounding cute and a bit mysterious. this is one of the first drawings of him. In my head he was a bit like Casper the ghost, but a demon.

Drawn during lectures. To animation students at DoJ: I hope I've captured the likeness

Peach and Navi

Wintery doodles down during lectures.

Hope to get some more recent stuff up soon =)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Some old drawings

These are from September/October last year. As you can see, I like drawing girls, owls, and owl-girls ^_^

Monday, 9 August 2010

Dear blog...

It's been a while, blog. Over a year. I can only apologise for neglecting you, but I've been busy. Looking back though, I should have been busier. Updating you. However, when it comes to scanning drawings, I can become incredibly slothful. Then I stop liking them and don't particularly want to share them. Then I forget about it, and find something else to occupy my time with.

No more, says I!

Time to put you to use again. Make you all shiny and less boring-looking. Fill you full of lovely posts with drawings, photos and words.



PS. There are a few images on my deviantART (right) that aren't here. If it takes your fancy, you should give them a look-see. I'm not sure I can be bothered at present to upload them here aswell... lazy lazy me. The Society for the Prevention of Neglected Blogs will be after me