Monday, 9 August 2010

Dear blog...

It's been a while, blog. Over a year. I can only apologise for neglecting you, but I've been busy. Looking back though, I should have been busier. Updating you. However, when it comes to scanning drawings, I can become incredibly slothful. Then I stop liking them and don't particularly want to share them. Then I forget about it, and find something else to occupy my time with.

No more, says I!

Time to put you to use again. Make you all shiny and less boring-looking. Fill you full of lovely posts with drawings, photos and words.



PS. There are a few images on my deviantART (right) that aren't here. If it takes your fancy, you should give them a look-see. I'm not sure I can be bothered at present to upload them here aswell... lazy lazy me. The Society for the Prevention of Neglected Blogs will be after me