Thursday, 12 August 2010

More old stuff

Some Gunnerkrigg Court fanart from early summer 2009 (I think). (Surprising) still quite happy with it and the image below.
Next drawings were done between October and December 09

A character I thought up, called Fuzil (Foo-zil). His name doesn't have any meaning other than sounding cute and a bit mysterious. this is one of the first drawings of him. In my head he was a bit like Casper the ghost, but a demon.

Drawn during lectures. To animation students at DoJ: I hope I've captured the likeness

Peach and Navi

Wintery doodles down during lectures.

Hope to get some more recent stuff up soon =)

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drend said...

gaaahwd. i LOVE your sketches. they're so interesting! this post n the post before it, with like your sketchbook pages revealed.. LOVE. IT.x3'