Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Shopper and a Cowgirl

Birthday presents for my sister and her friend.

I rarely do many "finished" pieces, mostly doodles and sketches. I always get frustrated if what started out as a nice pencil sketch gets mucked up when I try to ink it or add colour. For instance, I don't think Jessie looked so stiff in my warm-up drawing of her. I'm sure that just mean I have to focus on practising inking and colour more. Lazy Lynsey.

Have been to see toy Story 3 three times now -2D every time. The price is enough to put me off, but apart from "How to Train Your Dragon" (a film I loved and can't wait to get it on dvd), I haven't seen much point in seeing a film in 3D =\

Tempted to mess around a bit more with watercolours =)


Magnetom said...

Awesome stuff, as per usual. I've been getting right back into watercolour recently too, although, like you, only for things like birthday cards...

Lynsey said...

Get them on your blog! =)