Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Odds and ends

A few drawings I actually remembered to scan in! Watched a few episodes of Teen Titans and Dragonball recently. (Teen Titans was my obsession from about 12 to 15(ish), and it's nice to revisit it once in a while) 

Working on a project with Kat and Suzanne. Unfortunately, I drew a great deal of character design stuff in an A3 sketchpad (clearly forgetting that I no longer have access to an A3 scanner), so I need to get round to taking photos of them instead. Here's the one page that wasn't on A3.

Starting the 30 Day Monster Girl challenge - here's a WIP of a harpy.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Veggie Pirate Storyboards

"Eat yer greens!"

Dee Con 2012

I did some artwork for Dee Con last April. Decided to go for a Year of the Dragon theme.

I'll get round to scanning in the sketches sometime soon ^_^

Flying Duck Lifedrawing

Really need to go back to this place! I was pretty rusty after months without lifedrawing.