Friday, 5 October 2012

Dee-Con 2012 mascot sketches and doodles

At one point there was an idea to draw her in different styles, and Adventure Time was (and still is) popular...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Werewolves, fire elementals and two humans.

So, about two years ago, Tom Paxton ( lent me Lonely Werewolf Girl, by Martin Millar, based on the fact we have similar taste in books (I think) and I was in need of a new author in my life.

Skip forward two years, and I'm re-reading Lonely Werewolf Girl, and will probably move straight on to Curse of the Wolf Girl.  Re-reading books is always good fun, there's usually bits that I'd forgotten or get to see in a different way from the last time.

ANYWAY, as a person of the sketchy-doodley persuasion, I've taken to drawing the cast of characters from Lonely Werewolf Girl. This is made fairly easy, as Millar tends to describe his characters in great detail. Well, most of them. The beautiful, model-like werewolf women and fire elementals get a lot of attention. It's a fun exercise, I keep imagining how it would play out in animation or a graphic novel. 

I feel like I should be drawing more of the male cast after all these women. In this first batch of drawings, there is only ONE guy, right at the very end. And the somewhat daunting task of drawing them in werewolf form.
No one is quite right yet either, to my mind, but I like to think I'm getting closer to getting the Kalix in my head down on paper (she's the particularly skinny one with the mane of hair I've drawn most often). 

Also, looking at the faint, unfinished-ness of these pages, I might go back and go over some of them digitally.